What do computer games and your business have in common? Everything! Work structured right is work that gets done.

The gamification codebook for business

During this Anthill Academy Cheat Sheet, Anthill’s James Tuckerman and Dr Jason Fox, Australia’s resident expert in motivation strategy and design, unlock the gamification codebook.


  • What is gamification? It's quite simply, the smartest way to motivate staff and customers by leveraging natural human behaviours.

  • The worst way to motivate is to make things too easy. We’re all primed for making the user-experience as easy as possible. But challenges drive progress.

  • Three ways to gamify your business: Short-circuit feedback loops. Insert fun theory. But be careful with incentives. They can backfire!

  • Gamification does not just mean, make things fun. People will do hard work that is structured right. In fact, in games they actually pay to do hard work.

  • Three ways to harness “games” that happen in real life. Gamification understands that people are 100-per cent motivated all the time. Seriously.

Our courses are downloaded, viewed and consumed over 40,000 times per month! We put the fun in business fundamentals.

What is the Anthill Academy?

James Tuckerman

Founder, Anthill Magazine

Over the past 10 years, interviewing entrepreneurial luminaries such as Bill Gates, James Dyson, Richard Branson and thousands of others, I've learnt a thing or two about business.

But here's the most important lesson of all. And it's blindingly simple.

Opinions are worthless. Everyone has one. The internet is littered with them. However, instruction is priceless. That's right. It's not enough to know why entrepreneurs succeed. It's more important to know how they did it.

That's why I created the Anthill Academy, to distil the wisdom of industry leaders into short tutorials, courses and cheat sheets, that reveal the steps to their success.

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Some words about Anthill courses

  • Anthill courses are short, sharp, to the point and deliver total value. I’m always energised when I finish up and I want to cancel everything in my diary to go out and road test the new ideas that are buzzing in my head. Awesome!

    Jess Tyler, SciBiz Communications

  • You guys are a breath of fresh air. Relevant, current and apply-able content to help businesses succeed. My clients are benefiting from day one. Keep up the good work!

    Dolf Wirth, Higher Performance

  • I love Anthill courses because they always provide new ideas and present strategies that are easy to understand and give a specific ways to implement them.

    Cameron Lee, Green Hat Workshop

  • With no disrespect to TED, Anthill has given me far more than "Ideas That Matter." My membership to the Anthill Academy has given me life-changing results.

    Jackie Taylor, Provisio

  • If it’s an Anthill event, workshop or webinar, you can be sure that it will be filled with relevant and valuable content, delivered by entrepreneurs who know their stuff. You will leave with a list of steps to take to improve your skills as a business owner and a smile on your face as well.

    Helen Dean, Helen Dean Design


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Meet the expert

Dr Jason Fox is an award winning speaker and
motivation design expert on a quest to liberate the
world from poorly designed processes and work.
By the age of 25, he had completed a PhD, written
two books and lectured at three universities.
Now, he shows forward-thinking leaders how to
use motivation science and game design to boost
productivity, influence behaviour, and build for
the future of work. Jason has advised the project
design of a range of projects – from global strategy
of multinational organisations, to helping savvy
startups unlock epic progress. When not liberating
the world from poorly designed projects and work,
Jason enjoys partaking in extreme sports like
coffee snobbery and fruit ninja

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